Francesco Ferraro

Francesco Ferraro

PhD candidate
Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Physics
National Biodiversity Future Center
University of Padova


I'm a researcher in Theoretical Physics and Ecology. These two fields may seem to have little in common, but it turns out that many ecological systems display some universal properties which can be explained using ideas and tools from theoretical physics, specifically statistical physics. In my research I try to understand how these regularities emerge, and how they can be exploited in the monitoring and control of ecosystems.

At present, I'm a PhD candidate at the University of Padova and at the National Biodiversity Future Center, under the supervision of Sandro Azaele, Amos Maritan and Samir Suweis. During my PhD I briefly visited Harvard University and MIT. Previously I was a researcher at École Normale Supérieure in Paris in the group of David Holcman. For some time I was also an engineer at Femtorays Technologies. I obtained my master's degree in theoretical physics jointly at SISSA and the University of Trento, and my bachelor's degree in physics at the University of Padova.


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  1. Exact solution of Dynamical Mean-Field Theory for a linear system with annealed disorder
    Francesco Ferraro, Christian Grilletta, Amos Maritan, Samir Suweis, Sandro Azaele
    arXiv (2024)
  2. Generalized Lotka-Volterra Systems with Time-Correlated Stochastic Interactions
    Samir Suweis, Francesco Ferraro, Christian Grilletta, Sandro Azaele, Amos Maritan
    arXiv (2023)
  3. Opto-electronic device for the detection of substances dispersed in a fluid
    Niccolò Ardoino, Francesco Ferraro, Carlo Guardiani, Mattia Mancinelli, Lorenzo Pavesi
    Google Patents (2023)
  4. Nonequilibrium relaxation of a trapped particle in a near-critical Gaussian field
    Davide Venturelli, Francesco Ferraro, Andrea Gambassi
    Physical Review EarXiv (2023)
  5. Dynamical behaviour of Brownian particles coupled to a critical Gaussian field
    Master's thesis
    SISSA, University of Trento (2021)
  6. Linking number and Gauss's integral for piecewise linear curves
    Bachelor's thesis (Italian)
    University of Padova (2018)


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